miercuri, 2 aprilie 2014

I'll be waiting

Honestly, I do not even know how to start or what to say. You always say that words don't matter, feelings don't matter. Well, let me tell you you're wrong. Even better, I'll show you.
You were not like this. You were my person. The one I could always rely on, the one, who I thought always loved me, asking for nothing in return. I thought you were going to be there every single time that I needed you. Last night, I understood you weren't. Last night, you have hurt me so bad, like no one did it before. I never expected this from you. I always looked up for you and I was always there for you.
As I can recall, you were warm, caring and loving. You always stood up for those who deserved it and you always had their backs. You had my back. And you have let me fall. Fall into a deep and black hole. I guess, even now, I am still hoping that you are out there, that you will do whatever necessary for me to be ok, that you love me in the same way that I love you and with the same passion. Please do no let me be wrong. Please come back and show me that you have not changed. I do not care if you will change for others. I just want you to change for me. I want to have you back, with all your ups and downs. 
The thing that I have admired most about you was your courage. Your courage to get back on your feet once you've fell. You're the one who teached me this. I've learned to be brave from you.
So please don't leave me now. Come back and let everybody see who you are and what you are made of.
I won't give up on you! Never! So please come back!
I'll be waiting...


miercuri, 9 octombrie 2013

This is for you, my dear old friend

Hello! Do you remember me? Yeah, I was your best friend for four long years! I don't suppose that even matters for you right now, does it? I mean, what the heck! You've got a whole new life now! New college, new friends, or should I say new best friends? You've got even a new boyfriend. So let me ask you this : should I matter to you now? Do you even remember who I am or the time we spent together? I'll take my chances and say no, you don't give a damn about all that.
I sometimes wonder how did we end up here? Sure, of course, I am to blame too, but I have the tendency to believe that you carry around a bigger fault than me. Why you may ask? Well, to start from the begining, I am not the one who threw you away when I got a new boyfriend. Hell! I am not even the one who gave up on us when I started college. It was a rough path for me and you sure as hell knew that! Well, what did you do then? I will tell you what you did. You gave up on us, you stopped calling, what the hell you even stopped answering my texts. I want to know only one thing. Do you not regret this? Because I do, from the bottom of my heart. I do believe that what we had was so damn special, too special to be thrown away. I do not want to sound cocky, but are you enjoying the time you are spending with your new "besties" as much as you were enjoying the time we spent together? I'm just curious. You know, I may have not admitted this before, but it hurts like hell. I do miss you, you know? I miss the time we spent together, I miss the fights we had, I miss those times when you were yelling at me like a crazy person. I miss all that. And I still can't believe that you have turned your back on me. You've changed. You've changed so much. And I am afraid I do  not know you anymore. Really.
Well, I guess I'll never know why you pushed me away. And I'm sure you won't even get a chance to read this little stupid confession of mine. Or, assuming that you actually read it, you will feel bad like about ten or fifteen minutes, and then you will go back to being yourself and not giving a rat's eye about me.
Well, at least I tried. I've thrown myself out there.

P.S. : If you ever come back, please don't do it out of pity. At least be honest...

marți, 26 martie 2013

25! ;x

25 de luni, doi ani si o luna, mai mult decat atat nu am ce zice. Sincer..
Te iubesc, la multi ani noua, si la mai multi ani impreuna!!!
<3 p="">Te super-iubesc!!!
"I don't know how to thank you for making my day, my week, my month, damn it! I think the word I'm looking for is life. Indeed you are making my life brighter! Words aren't capable of expressing my feelings for you!"

marți, 26 februarie 2013

24! ;x

Doi ani! Doi ani in care am trecut prin foarte multe impreuna, doi ani in care am depasit o multime de obstacole, doi ani plini de amintiri, doi ani in care am invatat foarte multe de la tine, si cu toate astea, inca mai am de invatat.
Nu mi-as fi imaginat ca o sa ajungem pana aici.
Te iubesc si iti multumesc pentru o zi superba, petrecuta impreuna!

vineri, 1 februarie 2013

Iubesc zilele astea melancolice in care avem parte atat de soare, cat si de vant. Sunt superbe. Ma fac sa ma las purtata de val, salasluind cu gandul cine stie pe ce meleaguri indepartate. Vantul e aici sa imi aduca aminte de iarna, de ceea ce a fost, iar soarele, ei bine, el vrea sa forteze primavara si sa ma impinga spre viitor. Iubesc momentul acela cand te afli intre trecut si viitor. Nesigur sa pasesti spre usa viitorului, dar inca prea melancolic sa o inchizi pe cea a trecutului.
Multe vise mi se astern in cale, precum si multe amintiri in aceasta perioada de tranzitie a vremii.

sâmbătă, 26 ianuarie 2013

23! ;x

O zi absolut perfecta! Un examen greu, invins, demonii ISDR'ului au incetat sa ma mai bantuie :))
Pe langa asta, am mai trecut de un hop! Impreuna, ca de fiecare data!
Te iubesc mult! Si abia astept sa apara urmatorul hop ca sa'i radem in nas! :>

miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

22! ;x

Yesterday was a special day for both of us. Not only it was Christmas, but it was also a reminder of what we have, of a special thing known only by the two of us. I couldn't have been merrier for spending that entire day with you! I love you! A lot!
And, happy one year and ten months my love!
Another night spent together!
Love you!